Simple Steps To Create A Good Username

Whether you are shopping online or playing a highly rated game, you are always asked to enter a username. Username act as an identity for you. It is one of the primary thing while creating an account on any site. It is preferable to select a decent and a good username to look mature and adult. Good usernames are those usernames that can be easily remembered and recalled. Adding too many numbers or jiggling up the alphabets takes away the charm of the usernames. We have planned all the important steps to create a goof username for you. Keep them in mind while originating a username.


Every site required a different type of username. You have to first brainstorm the demands and trends of the site you are planning to create an ID on. If you are creating an ID for Instagram then the sophisticated username will suit best. Snapchat can go with a little trendy and a funny username. For shopping account, you must create a decent username.


Most sites allow you to create a username that is 6 to 20 characters long. You can add your last name, first name and any other letter you really like. But for keeping it safe from hackers, don’t use your personal information in your username. For creating a killer username you can add a dash and some famous words of the year in your username.


You can be as creative as you want. Add rhymes like Milley hilly. You can search for the words that rhyme with your first name and your last name. You can also add any hobby you like but avoid giving too much information about yourself. For adding more spice you can also add adjectives and nouns to your username.


For those who cannot come with different ideas, you don’t have to die in tension. Recent username generators on Google is quite helpful for creating good and sophisticated usernames. These username generators ask you to enter your first name and last name and gives you with the best ideas they have. They also ask you your nickname, things you like, important words for you, hobbies, what you look like and numbers or letters you would like to add and create the username accordingly.

The key tip to know that your username is really a good one is that you must yourself like and embrace it. If you are not enjoying you can always give another a try.

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  1. Scott Evil
  2.  Hideki Ryuga
  3. Grenade Sucker
  4. Howling Swede Dol