Great Usernames Ideas That Will Make You Famous In Game


Do you know that if you chose a celebrity username for gaming portal then you will be constantly bullied and judged by other gamers? When it comes to choosing a username for gaming, it becomes slightly daunting to pick up a new username. Gaming username has to be great and unique for attracting players and gamers to create a viable environment. Username should reflect the true projection of your inner self. Rather than going for a typical username, a username should echo your inner uniqueness. We have planned the steps for you that will help you to choose a great username in the gaming world. Let us have a speedy review.


  1. First of all, think about what makes you unique in gaming. What are positive strategies that other player don’t have and what are your strengths in the game? Jot down all the ideas you have in your mind on a piece of paper
  2. You can also try brainstorming for the name that matches your name.
  3. It is preferable to not use your name as it is. Try incorporating some modifications.
  4. You can modify your username by adding your personality traits, hobbies, and interest in front of your username. For example, Maryracer
  5. Instead of adding some celebrity, you can add comic characters and famous gamers name in front of your username. Adding some comic or gaming stuff will create a great connection of your username with the gaming world.
  6. Do not choose the username that has been chosen by other gamers. It will make your username monotonous.
  7. Add underscore, comma, and alliteration in your username to give some creative touch tour username.
  8. It is very important that you create a username that will portray your personality as a tough competitor.
  9. If you are adding slang words then be careful about catering the feelings of other gamers.
  10. Never ever incorporate any personal information like address, phone number, date of birth and town in your username. Be careful from the spammers.
  11. Lastly, if a username reflects your inner personality but it is already taken, then to solve this dilemma you should add some digits and letters in it to give it a new imaginative look. For example, if you think username like “Jack slayer” suits your personality and this username is already taken then you could modify it by Jack_98SLAYER.

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