Coolest Funny Names That Are Trending This Year

Adding a cool and hilarious touch to your usernames always grab the attention of others towards you. Some usernames are so hysterical and comical that actually makes you laugh out loud. These weirder funny user name always add a lighter touch to your personality and make your id as approachable. Adding a little creativity to your account isn’t bad at all, but before that, it’s important to understand what funny usernames are actually?


Funny usernames are those usernames that are laughable, humorous and chucklesome. These types of usernames are attention catchers. Having a difficult username making it more prone to forgetting. Having a funny username makes it easy for you to remember it and tell it to others.


First of all, you have to keep in mind that you don’t have to be rude or offensive while making your username amusing. Offensive username always heats up the rage of other people which you surely don’t want. Keep your username light in mode and away from pointing out at anybody or controversies. Secondly, don’t use your personal information like house name and date of birth in your username. If you use your personal information then you are becoming more prone to identity stealers. Those people who don’t know you might come to your personal biogeographical data.  If the username is vulgar, it will also negatively impact your personality. It’s better if you try to create a decent but funny username.


You can add some creepy or weird words in your username to make it funny. For instance swanky, swag and winery.  Moreover, you also add a word no and yes between your username. For instance, “not at all Jon snow” Adding hashtag also give a cool touch to your username.

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We have prepared a craziest and funniest list of username for you. You can have endless possibilities of creating a funny username by some originality. Let us give a look at all the funny usernames we have for you. You can use these for Instagram, snapchat and gamers profile.

  1. cow oby
  2. hornblow
  3. horserider
  4. wizard
  5. harry
  6. potter
  7. dumbledoor
  8. zeus
  9. berojgarr engineer
  10. dropout
  11. singer
  12. hopeless
  13. lonely boy
  14. thomos
  15. bill dates
  16. lil brother
  17. everything
  18. boo thang
  19. classy dude
  20. swagy banna
  21. snoop
  22. macho man
  23. backbone and some banana
  24. Brain Independent
  25. devil’ dude
  26. Melvin War Syndrome Always