Complete Guideline For Funny Username Generator

Life without humor is a tedious life. Imagine your username is already taken. What would you do? Mostly you will opt for adding prefixes, hash, and comma in your username. But instead of opting for adding numbers and alphabets, you can choose a name that will make everybody laugh and will attract strangers to know more about you. Fun is a common right of everybody. Let others also know that you have a great sense of humor. Funny username will not only attract strangers but also if you are making an account for business purpose, then it will also attract potential buyers. It gives a lot of positive energy to your business page. Sometimes the username you are planning to use is already taken and you can’t also think of more alluring username. Username generators are a complete solution for this dilemma. There are a plethora of funny username generators that will help you out. Let us look at some of these.


This crazy name generator is super easy and safe to use because it only asks for your first name, last name, gender, and middle name. This generator has specialized in creating funny nicknames. Nicknames are always special and portrays a sign of affection. So if you are looking for a funny nickname that will also become your identity then this username generator is worth a try.

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When every other funny username is already taken, masterpiece generator is the ultimate go for you. This generator asks for your personal information to create a compatible username for your personality. You have to enter your first name, last name, location, and favorite thing, any two adjectives that describe you, date of birth and your occupation. The best part of this username is that it also ask you that if you want to add underscore and dots in your username. No other username generator gives you this option. This generator is totally free and if you don’t like your username then you can request another.


Rum and monkey generator is unique and novel generator because this username generator allows you to develop username according to the generation you belong to, for instance, if you belong to the millennial generation, your username will be generated according to the taste of millennials. You have to enter your generation, age, name, hobbies, and occupation to get the funniest username.

If you don’t want to generate your username with the help of username generator, then don’t worry. Brainstorm all the ideas, augment some humorous element, add your favorite hobby and try incorporating any adjective you like and your problem will be easily solved.