Aesthetic Usernames which are trending

According to today’s society, aesthetic usernames gives a good impression about the user and his profile. Another thing to note is that the usernames is the first thing a person notices about your social media account so choose wisely. As said always, first impression is the last impression.

To find artistic and appealing names, you have to be very creative since most of them are taken due to the millions and billions of users on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and so on… On every social media site, there are different ways of choosing and creating the best username, which is easy to remember, as well as appealing enough to viewers as well.

Different social media sites have different rules of creating a username. For example, Instagram has a 30 symbol limit for the username and the username can only include letters, numbers underscores and periods. It must be kept in mind that you should fulfil the limit by including as many difficult keywords and terms as you wish. It also does not allow its usernames to have capitalised letters and all usernames are supposed to be in small letter

Aesthetic Usernames

What does ‘aesthetic’ mean?

Aesthetic means artistic or beautiful in a certain kind of way. It is often seen in the form of captions on Instagram and other social media sites. Aesthetic means attractive. When something is aesthetic, it means that particular thing is mind boggling, jaw dropping and is unique.

Aestheic Usernames: Why are they preferred?

Why do people want cool usernames? What do they achieve from spending their valuable time on something so tiny and insignificant? In the new generation, it is rare to see anyone not have a social media account and it is hard to believe when someone says he/she do not have one. This means finding aesthetic usernames that unused by people is rare too. 

Ideas for creating an aesthetic username. 

Creating your username is serious business as it is the only way you are identified online. This username might not seem like a big deal to people but it can totally change the perspectives of people who view you on social media. Its importance is similar to the importance of your hair and shoes in a personal meeting. Furthermore, it can also affect your search result of a job or in a dating site if your username has something inappropriate in it. 

Here are some tips to creating a username that is memorable and leaves an amazing impression of your personality and online profile on anyone online.

    1. Add your beloved things to your username. Just write down a bunch of your favourite things ranging from career to favourite animal and then make something creative out of it. It is all about creativity here. The more creative you are, the better username will be made.
    2. Identify the purpose of the account you are creating and construct a username accordingly. For example, on Instagram, there are three types of accounts created:  Business accounts e.g., the username will be the same as your business name so your business can be identified online. For Example, Dunkin’ Donuts on Instagram is named as @dunkin and Starbucks, the famous coffee brand is known as @starbucks. Personal Account: A celebrity is likely to create a username with official in it because of the numerous accounts trying to copy him/her while the rest of the people will use their names adding underscores, number and periods if the name is not available. E.g. The famous American model and celebrity,  Jessica Caban has her username as @officialjessicancaban while an ordinary girl, Louisa, would name herself as @lousia_james .  Curation accounts: Accounts that curate + spread good and positive vibes can be very creative with their usernames. For e.g. @powerofpositivity, @thegoodquote etc. 
    3. Keep it simple. The simpler your username is, the easier it is to remember. If you make your username difficult to pronounce and verbalise, then it will become more difficult for your social media profile to be discovered. For example, @yayypartyyy, the name is straightforward and gives a clear idea of what the Instagram profile is all about. However, when you pronounce the name, you will be questioned about if there is a single ‘y’ or more. 
    4. Avoid foul language in your username since there will be more chances for you to be banned if reported. 
    5. Be careful about using trademark terms. There are chances that if your account is big enough and well known, the company you have used the trademark term of might shut you down and all your hard work will be wasted. Be unique. Your username should be different from others. Riding on other brand coattails will not get you anywhere.


Aesthetic Username Unavailable?

You have definitely come across the situation where the screenname you want is unavailable and there isn’t any need to be disappointed or worried. You can use word combinations by adding symbols that look similar to the English alphabets. For example: @=a, 3=e, S=5. In case the name ‘@lisacamen’ is taken, you can use symbols and yet use the same username like this. ‘@li$@c@men’.

Types of aesthetic usernames 


  • Television and Movie inspired usernames: If you are a fan of television shows and movies, why not let the world know about it and create a good username based on that. For example, ay_caramba! , whitewalkers, the_dude@bides, d@rk_
  • Use a dictionary for usernames: If you can’t think of any username and nothing that username machine generates satisfies you, then open the dictionary to a random page. Keep reading until you find a word that seems exceptional and interesting. For example: hobglobin, guffaw, neigh, titmouse
  • Snapchat usernames: Snapchat is a huge social media platform that helps people share their amazing moments immediately to their contacts in the form of snaps. If your desired snapchat username is taken, you can twerk the spellings and words a little and get your desired name. For example;  instead of ‘sweetie_star’, you can write ‘sweety_starshine_’
  • Backward usernames: you can also use your name or any other item as a unique username by spelling it backwards. You can also add some numbers and symbols to make things interesting as well. For example; ‘Book’ as a username, can be spelled as ‘koob323_’

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